Book: 51+ Networking Mistakes by Noa Schecter & Bart Smith

51+ Networking Tactics by Noa Schecter & Bart Smith (Print Book)

“Wow, I just stepped up my own game, when it comes to networking. Bart and Noa have it down. Anyone who networks professionally needs this book. There’s something in it for everyone.” — Phil Black, Speaker,

We say there are 51+ networking mistakes on the cover, but there are actually more inside! Just imagine how much better and sharper you’ll be at networking when you are exposed to all these networking mistakes!

51+ Networking Mistakes
by Noa Schecter & Bart Smith

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For those of us who love to network and those who may lean more towards the shy side or even nervous when you go to any networking event, it’s a “human factor” when we say we all don’t network as well as we could. From time to time, we’re bound to make a networking mistake and ask ourselves, “Did I say the right thing?”, “Whoops, that didn’t come out right …”, or “Oh, I forgot to bring/do/say this …” That’s our point, and that’s why we wrote this book. Inside 51+ NETWORKING MISTAKES, we go into:



Noa and Bart go over all of these topics in the book and much more:

… type of marketing materials to bring!
… how to prepare for the event!
… what to bring to the event!
… how to build your email list!
… what to do with business cards!
… what to do with your car!
… what to say / not say!
… checklist to review BEFORE events!
… name tags (where them or not)!
… what to do with your tech devices!
… we discuss branding strategies!
… we talk about how to pictures!
… how many pictures to take!
… where to post pictures online!
… what to say, how and to whom!

… interacting with total strangers!
… invoking mystery about yourself!
… making introductions to others!
… documenting about conversations!
… boring, dead-end conversations!
… how to hand out  marketing materials!
… how to sell at an event without selling!
… what to say at the end of an event!
… what to do at the end of an event!
… what to do after every event!
… what to review after every event!
… how to create a system for follow-up!
… what to do with new contacts!
… what to do with social media!
… what to do before your next event!

Whether you network for fun, personal and/or business, this book is for anyone who seriously wants to maximize and capitalize on their networking efforts time and time again like we do!

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